Education On Two Cents A Day

Girls attending s tate-run schools in India’s financial capital of Mumbai are being paid 1 rupee(two cents) for each day of attendance in school. The project seeks to deal with low attendance rates of female students and to empower Indian girls by providing them a financial foundation in life. The scheme has yet to uncover a single girl among the 220,000 who daily attend school who has attained a perfect attendance record. A school principal, Baig Noorjahan, insisted the payment was not sufficient and urged it be raised to at least 5 rupees daily. He also noted that school attendance for boys was even worse that for girls. Of course, there are other issues such as the reality that millions of Indian children have not even enrolled in schools.

India has made dramatic changes due to its economic explosion, but the reality is millions of poor boys and girls are left behind. There are an insufficient number of teachers, not enough school buildings, and most lack basic educational equipment.

In essence, the concept of paying poor children to attend school makes sense, particularly, if it provides families with sufficient money to provide for the maintainance of children in necessary school equipment, books and clothes.