Edward, Edward, Where Are You?

Three days ago the president of the United States of America calmly informed the world he had better things to do than “scrambling jets to get a 29 year old hacker.” That is what Barack Obama said yesterday, today he scrambled jets to interfere with the flight of a plane carrying the president of the nation of Bolivia. He had been attending a conference in Moscow so when his plane attempted to fly over western Europe, several nations refused it refueling rights. Why?

Edward Snowden is some place in Moscow.

President Morales was in Moscow.

If President Morales was in Moscow as was Snowden it stands to reason the notorious and dangerous spy is on the same plane.

So, what is US policy–do not allow the plane to get more fuel.

So, what could be the outcome of  such policy–the plane might crash???

Thank God our president used to teach constitutional law!!