Edward Is Not My Son

The bizarre case of Edward Snowden grows ever more confusing day by day. We do know that he is somewhere in an airport in Russia or somewhere close to an airport in Russia. We do know that he booked a flight from Hong Kong and landed there, but what has happened in subsequent days is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. He could have taken flight from Shereemetyevo Airport and flown to Havana, Cuba which would have, at least greeted him with friendship. He did not go on the plane of President Evo Morales when it left Moscow and headed for Bolivia. Elias Jaua, Foreign Minister of Venezuela says that Snowden has never contacted him or anyone in his government concerning the issue of asylum.

Mr. Snowden could hop a flight to Havana and then hop one to Caracas. The presidents of Bolivia and Nicaragua have indicated a willingness to grant asylum. Perhaps, Snowden awaits a communication from John Kerry with an offer of asylum.