Edward Kennedy, A Warrior Gone To Rest

To those of us who spent our lives with the Kennedy brothers, Ted the youngest not only lasted the longest, but most probably achieved as much as his more famous brother, John, when it came to securing legislation that improved the lives of those who experience oppression. John Kennedy died too early to carve out an important program of social change, Robert, most probably was the one who was most impacted by family events and by the end of his short life displayed the capacity to be a significant agent of change in America. His compassion for those who are oppressed and endure prejudice was shared by Ted and we can never forget that he became more than he was as a young man.

Ted Kennedy was born to wealth and power. Ironically, he devoted his life to those who were poor and without power. Some will note his flaws, but who is without flaws. In the end, the only legacy he really wanted these past few years was passage of a health reform care package.