Edward, Please Come To Our Home

The saga of one, Edward Snowden, may soon be over. Hopefully, within days the world media will not waste their time on a story that, technically is about a crime, but more importantly is about how government abuses the rights of its citizens in the quest for –SECURITY. VEnezuelan President Nicolas Maduro confirmed that he had offered asylum to Mr. Snowden, currently located at an airport in Moscow.”Latin America is telling this young man that you are being persecuted by the empire, come here.” He made clear that he would welcome a phone call from Mr. Snowden.

The Snowden incident was a perfect opportunity for President Barack Obama to initiate a dialogue with Congress and the American people over issues of National Security and human rights. There has long been a need for intelligent discussion concerning an issue that will be a concern for most of this century. Unfortunately, once again Barack Obama displayed his lack of leadership.