Edward Snowden-Modern Robin Hood?

What does Edward Snowden know and when did he know it and who is worried about what he knows?? This obscure analyst working in our intelligence industry has caused untold fear and anxiety among those who guard our nation’s secrets. Or, should we say, those who know what we do and how we think at every moment of the day. Snowden has led Congress to challenge the very existence of our laws. He has accomplished what no American political leader has been able to accomplish– he has Democrats and Republicans working together in the cause of solving problems!!Imagine Rand Paul and liberals joining together to fight for human rights!! A mystery is whether or not Snowden has documents that those in government would prefer never became known. Does he know what we would like to know and government officials would prefer if we did not know?

We suspect the Obama administration prefers that Edward Snowden remain in Russia–forever. If President Putin can persuade Snowden to remain silent as the only way he can gain asylum, we suspect Edward would take this offer. He remains silent, no further documents are revealed and everyone is happy. Of course, the only group that is not happy is the American public!!