Egypt -An Appointment In Samarra

There is an old Arab legend about a servant who sees Death in the marketplace and urges his master to flee to Samarra. Later, the servant berates Death for frightening his master and Death responds he was only passing through on his way to Samarra. President Mohammed Morsi is determined to have his appointment in Samarra by refusing to cooperate with opposing  groups and create a Constitution which is supported by the entire population. Even as  thousands gather in Tahrir Square Morsi proceeds with a vote on a constitution that was written by Muslim clerics without any input from secular or Christian Egyptians.

Judges are refusing to oversee the vote. Opponents are divided whether to boycott the referendum or vote no. If it passes, there will be hundreds of thousands back in the streets. Inevitably, some will be beaten, some will be killed and this will produce even more people in the streets. Eventually, the armed forces will recognize they now have an opportunity to resume power in the land. Morsi is empowering the armed forces to regain control.

Death will thank Morsi for being able to live once again.