Egypt And US-Allies?

In response to a question as to whether Egypt was an ally of the United States, President Obama responded: “I don’t think we would consider them an ally, but we wouldn’t consider them an enemy.” Technically, Egypt does not have an alliance with the US as do NATO nations. However, the president did contact President Morsi of Egypt who assured him that violent demonstrations will not be tolerated in his nation.

The Muslim Brotherhood also made clear that its members would not participate in any demonstrations against the United States. Morsi does not want his administration connected to violence and anti-Americanism. Unfortunately, Mitt Romney and his ignorant cohort, Paul Ryan, do not grasp the complexity of this situation. There are members of the Muslim Brotherhood who support violence but leaders oppose any such actions for fear of angering secular Egyptians and Coptic Christians.

Violence is the works of al-Qaeda and other militant groups. They will not disappear because Mitt Romney says they should do so.