Egypt Angry At Hamas And Hizbullah

One of the ongoing myths of discussions concerning the Middle East is belief there is such an entity as “Arabs.” Egyptian officials intensely dislike Hamas and Hizbullah which they regard as threats to the security of their nation. Cairo is still furious at Hizbullah leaders Hassan Nasrallah who urged Egyptian generals to disregard the views of President Mubarak and intervene and open crossings when Israel invaded Gaza. Authorities have arrested Hamas smugglers and shut down their escape tunnels when found because Egypt does not wish to have problems with Israel. Egypt believes Hizbullah is simply an agent of Iran which has long been regarded as threat to the security of Egypt and a rival for regional power.

Ironically, Egyptian authorities share with Israel a dislike for Hamas and annoyance that western nations are talking with Hamas leaders. Egypt needs peace and economic development because of its ever increasing number of educated people who lack jobs. An educated person is a better candidate for extremism than poor people.