Egypt, Another Day Of Bombing

The Middle Eastern pattern is always the same. People become disgruntled with their existing government, they go into the streets to demonstrate anger and call out for a new deal in their society. Police and the military, at one point or another, intervene in order to establish calm and peace. Naturally, those who lead the armed forces conclude the solution to any problem is placing this general or that general in charge which results in new demonstrations by the people who seek a new deal. In other words, the new deal sought is to get rid of the military and replace them with civilian rule. In Egypt, the military was driven out–for the moment– and Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood assumed power. Naturally, they enjoyed the wine of power and acted in the same manner of ousted General Mubarak which led to new riots and a new military government.

Chaos invariably leads to violence and a new al-Qaeda group has emerged in Egpt–Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, and they are setting off bombs throughout Cairo and killing and wounding the innocent. Tunisia is the only Middle Eastern nation to escape this pattern by having all parties meet, agree on a coalition and make certain the military remains on the sidelines. The Middle East needs a Nelson Mandela and all it gets in Egypt is General Sissi In the meantime the people suffer violence and hatred.

I await some leader playing the “Israel card.” In other words, let’s blame our mistakes on Israel! Just look in the mirror of discontent for the answer.