Egypt Blasts Hamas For Foiling Peace

Egypt is the only Arab nation which has actually been actively engaged in attempting to resolve internal Palestinian differences in order to work for peace with Israel. This has caused tensions between Egyptian officials who are responsible for guarding its border with Gaza. Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit finally came out publicly to complain efforts to attain peace between Fatah and Hamas had broken down due to “Hamas’ lack of enthusiasm toward reconciliation.” The Egyptians have been working with over 13 Palestinian factions in order to get some semblance of unity. One proposal was to create a new government run by men and women with technical experience who were not bound to be for either Hamas or Fatah. It was believed such a government would be warmly welcomed by the United States and the European Union, but Hamas pulled out of the agreement at the last moment.

Egypt has now made clear to the Arab League it was supporting President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority. This confusion illustrates difficulties on the part of Israel to work out a compromise solution with Palestinian factions.