Egypt Calms May Days In Turbulent Gaza

Egypt’s chief of intelligence, Omar Suleiman has brought together in Cairo representatives of twelve Palestinian factions in an effort to restore some semblance of calm to the turbulent chaos of Gaza. Each delegation met separately with Suleiman to discuss his ideas on establishing a truce which might alleviate conditions for the people of Gaza. Hamas leaders accepted the proposal on condition that Israel also accepted its provisions. Egyptian authorities are prepared to take action if Israel refuses to go along with a truce such as opening its borders and allowing Gazans to cross over and purchase much needed goods.

All of the faction leaders who were interviewed by Al Ahram indicated they were skeptical that Israel would accept a period of calm. “At no point in its history has Israel stuck to a ceasefire or calm agreement,” noted Al- Taher.

The ongoing belief on the part of Israel that agreeing to a truce without iron clad guarantees that militants will not use the time to resupply with weapons offers no solution to the issues of Gaza and the West Bank. At some point, Israel must trust in the possibility of peace or condemn Israelis to nonstop war for the coming decades.