Egypt Claims Arms Smuggled Into Gaza From Israel!

In a surprising claim from Egyptian sources, its government charges that the majority of weapons being smuggled into Gaza comes from Israeli sources. Mukhis Qutb, of the Egyptian Council for Human Rights, told a newspaper that he has proof many of the weapons being smuggled into Gaza came from individuals who had Israel citizenship. He also alleged some members of the Israel Defense Force were involved in smuggling operations. However, he failed to provide any such evidence to support the claims. These charges undoubtedly are an attempt to prove that Israel actions in Gaza lacked any basis of validity. The overwhelming evidence is that rockets came from Arab sources and were part of the Iranian effort to supply Hamas.

After weeks of pounding Hamas tunnels, there is evidence many are back in operation. One wonders if Israel government officials have ever reconsidered their decision to impose an economic blockade on Gaza. What if no such blockade had ever been put into operation? Would Hamas have place such energy into constructing tunnels?

Once again, Prime Minister Olmert insists there may be more bombing of tunnels. Is his expectation that bombing of tunnels will go on and on forever? How about refocusing on peace and compromise?