Egypt, Dictator Redeux

Secretary of State John Kerry was just in Egypt and on leaving assured President Morsi that America would provide him economic aid. Supposedly, there were some assurances from Morsi about broadening the scope of his government to include secular groups, but the days pass and there are no changes. In Port Said, a judge approved death sentences that were imposed on men who rioted last year at a football match that led to 70 deaths. The people of Port Said are furious at this decision and even attempted to block the Suez Canal. They are angry, as are millions of Egyptians, at failure of Morsi to create a government that has economic plans, that seeks to incorporate all segments of society and that is not under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Unless Morsi becomes president of ALL Egyptians there is scant hope for economic success, and as the economy gets worse, as secular forces, Christians and other dissidents become fearful of the Muslim Brotherhood, the end result will be more violence and greater disintegration of the nation.

What now is the role of America?