Egypt Forever

Egypt is not the happiest place in the Middle East. The choice is currently between feeling sorry for the plight of its Muslim Brotherhood or for the armed forces who curently control the nation. A 50 member constitutional committee is voting if ordinary citizens can wind up in a military court for engaging in ordinary crimes such as refusing to shut their mouths and cease protesting against the existing government which currently is under the control of the armed forces. In other words, in this democracy, the army is above reproach. In fact, the Army decides who is the Defense Minister in the civilian government which shortly will assume power. At this moment, the Army is beating up and arresting members of the Muslim Brotherhood, but who knows “the enemy” tomorrow.

There will be a new government. Supposedly it will be a government of the people, for the people and by the Armed forces. Just check with the nearest general if you want to know what to do or what is permissible to think. Oh, Navy admirals are not in charge of democracy, that is the province of Army generals.