Egypt Furious At Hamas Threats

The Egyptian government expressed its “astonishment” at Palestinian comments by Hamas leaders they might decide to once again breach Egyptian border placements. Hamas and the islamic Jihad movement are prepared to send thousands of Gazans against Egyptian guards in order to break through the wall. Most probably, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad hope to use such an occurrence in order to smuggle in addtional arms for a confrontation with Israel forces. The Foreign Ministry said “such unacceptable statements totally contradict with the efforts of Egypt in exertng to life the siege of the Gaza Strip” in order to restor a calm situation to the area. The Egyptians believe Hamas and the Islamic Jihad are using food riots inside Egypt as a pretext to create chaos.

Hamas leader Khalil Al-Hayya told a Gaza press conferece; ” I expect that what will happen next will be greater than what happened before, not only against the Egyptian order, but against all crossings.”

There is a certain sense among many Hamas leaders that death and destruction are more important than peace and security. They apparently don’t care if they create chaos in Egytp, in Israel or among West Bank Palestinians as long as they can present themselves as martyrs in the struggle for independence.