Egypt. Land Of Sorrow

The people of Egypt continue suffering from violence, poverty and a corrupt government.  OH, this  time the ineffective government is led by the Muslim Brotherhood which for decades claimed President  Mubarak had to be removed from office in order to create a stable life for Egyptians. A TV camera caught the sight of a 50 year old man being dragged naked through the streets of Cairo by 8 policemen who were beating the hell out of him. Hamada Saber was then forced to go on television praising the men who assaulted him because it took 8 men hitting him to protect him from violence. The police of Egypt have not changed although the government has changed.

Yesterday, a woman was gang raped in Tahrir Square, just as at least 25 others have been subject to such violence. It is time to end the corrupt, incompetent government of  Mohamed Morsi. He must rank as  the younger brother of Hosni Mubarak!