Egypt Military Displays Prejudice

Thousands of Coptic Christians in Egypt are demonstrating against the massacre of Coptics by the military forces of their own nation. A peaceful demonstration by Coptics who were tired of being attacked, their churches burned and indifference on the part of  government to these assaults. Muslim thugs were supported by members of the military in attacks on Coptics. There are video tapes which  depict Egyptian soldiers firing on unarmed civilians and then running them over.

At least 25 are dead and hundreds wounded during these attacks on Coptics who constitute about 10% of the population. Hossam Bahgat of Human Rights says bluntly: “the army realizes that its forces  committed a massacre against a religious minority.” The overthrow of President Mubarak has been followed by constant attacks on Christians while the military government pretends nothing is happening.

Yes, there has been an Arab spring, but now we are in a Christian winter of discontent.