Egypt Needs Peace And Quiet

A lot of people in Egypt are upset and angry and want to riot and want to throw things and want to get rid of the government and return to the government of Mohamed Morsi whose return would send hundreds of thousands into the streets demanding that he go back to a prison. In other words, this is the time, not to try men’s souls, but to find a peaceful solution that ensures the departure from power of Mohamed Morsi and his departure from prison. EU envoy Bernardino Leon met with Egyptian officials and Muslim Brotherhood people currently in jail in ordr to find a way to end violent protests. US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns joined the conversation by meeting with Muslim Brotherhood leaders who are in jail.

Good news-Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsay Graham are on the way to Egpt. I am a bit confused as to their expertise on the Egyptian situation, but they have spent the past few years as members of the US Senate. Who else but those inhabiting the US Senate have the knowledge of madness and hate as do these two men. Take a shot, John and Lindsay. What can you lose?