Egypt On My Mind

Egypt lay dormant for decades under the rule of incompetent President Hosni Mubarak since his dictatorial regime clamped down on any and all opposition.  In a sense, Egypt slept while other nations in the world zoomed ahead with their economies. Mubarak is gone only to be replaced by President Mohamed Morsi, he of the Muslim economics. It would be one thing if Morsi actually had any economic ideas that would stimulate his nation’s economy, but he has plunged the country into chaos. A video which depicted a 50 year old man lying on the ground  being beaten has aroused fury in the country.

Sixty people are dead as a result of the latest outbursts against Morsi. The man who claims to seek democracy has done absolutely nothing to reform Egypt’s police or to end brutality against innocent people. I have a hunch  that some Egyptians these days feel nostaligia for the good old days under Mubarak.

Morsi Must Move On!