Egypt Our Ally??

I is one thing when Russian leader, President Vladimir Putin closes down NGO operations that seek to further the idea of democracy in a nation, it is another when Egypt puts on trial 43 NGO workers, including 16 Americans and claims they received foreign money to do something evil in Egypt. Twenty-seven were tried in absentia because they had the common sense to get the hell out of Islamist ruled Egypt and head to a place where democracy is actually practiced. Among the evil groups funded by these “enemies” of Egypt are -Freedom House, the National Demcoratic Institute which supported efforts to establish a democratic Egypt.

The NGOs  made clear they informed the Egyptian government about their activities and were even given official permission to monitor the country’s first democratic election. Oh, that was the first, and it is clear, as of this date, the only democratic election.

President Morsi wants to establish an Islamic government that will impose its version of Sharia law. Sorry, that is not the same as democracy in practice!