Egypt Police Stomp Out Protests

The Egyptian armed forces have taken over control and having power has only resulted in abusing power. A new video depicts a Muslim woman who wears a traditional Islamic headscarf and what appears to be a black abaya robe, is shown being beaten by military police. She is hit with sticks, kicked in the face and dragged along the pavement while apparently unconscious. To make matters worse, the woman’s bra is show which is very insulting for a Muslim woman.

An onlooker, Saad Ashour, an electrician, said the sight made him furious. “It;s against Islam, its against democracy and it’s against our human rights.” The beating of one woman is bad enough, but hundreds of peaceful protesters were also beaten and humiliated. As the daily newspaper, Al Ahram notes, “The heart of Egypt burns.”

Confusion reigns in Egypt since the military are trying to protect the public against an Islamic government while those protesting seek a secular government.