Egypt-Rock And Hard Place

Results of initial rounds in the  election of a president for Egypt have resulted in a stand off since both leading candidates represent opposing segments of the Egyptian population. Shafiq and Morsi came out as the top two. Shafiq is a former associate of President Mubarak and Morsi is the candidate of fundamentalist forces in the Muslim Brotherhood. A vote for Morsi means Egypt might become a minor version of the religious drivent Saudi Arabian society while a vote for Morsi means nothing has changed and the old Mubarak crowd is still in power. So, what can Egyptians do? There are reports of an unofficial boycott of the election. If that occurs, most probably Morsi will win which will unleash crowds in Tahrir Square.

At least ten percent of the Egyptian population is Coptic Christian and triumph the Muslm Brotherhood spells restrictions on their right to exist as Christians. There is need for a new poll and there is need for those opposing either form of extremism to join in an effort to restore harmony in society.