Egypt Will Keep Control Over Gaza Crossings

Arab opponents of Israel constantly complain Gaza crossings are blocked by the IDF even though an important crossing at Rafah is under Egyptian control. Dina Ezzat, writing in Al Ahram, was told by Egyptian officials there is “no way that Palestinians” will be allowed to break the border security and be allowed to leave Gaza. He indicated the Egyptian government blames Hamas for many problems and believes it is more interested in maintaining control in Gaza than anything else. The official told her Egyptian security forces at Rafah are on high alert and will not allow any Gazans to leave except for a biweekly allowance for humanitarian reasons or for students with overseas visas.

Hamas believes Egypt seeks to support President Abbas and their actions at Gaza are to make certain Fatah comes out as the real power among Palestinians. Hamas blames the unmasked Egyptian support for Fatah as the real source of being unable to deal with Gaza.

Gazans have resorted to sit-ins near the Rafah crossing in order to persuade Egypt to open it up, but the last thing Egypt wants is for Israel to blockade its crossing and dump the entire mess of Gaza into the lap of the Egyptians.