Egypt Works For Gaza Truce Success

The fragile cease fire agreement in Gaza raises questions as to whether or not Israel and Hamas can succeed in resolving a problem without causing violence in the region. The Israel government agreed to reopen Gaza crossings due to the urging of the Egyptian government. An Israel Defence Ministry statement said: “In response to a special request by the Egyptian Intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman, Defence Minister Ehud Barak, agreed to open the crossings…” Under truce provisions, militants in the Gaza Strip are required to halt firing rockets into Israel territory, but rocket attacks continue which has resulted in periodic closing of crossings by the Israel government.

Hamas officials will be in Egypt early next week to discuss with Egyptian authorities issues concerning the truce, Israel actions, and violations on the part of Palestinians. Hamas leaders insist they are abiding by truce provisions but individuals are responsible for the rocket attacks. Hamas undoubtedly is now experiencing the reality of power. It is one thing to make demands when not in power, it is another when placed in authority to crack down on those among your own people who seek violence. Hamas, welcome to the world of reality!