Egyptian Bombs

President Obama, Senator John McCain and Secretary of Defense John Kerry are upset at the horrible tactics employed by the government of Bashar al-Assad against his own people. During the 1980s when Saddam Hussein dropped gas bombs on his OWN people the government of Ronald Reagan hailed him with pride because the man of evil was fighting our enemy of evil, the evil Iranians. WE Americans have an interesting approach to reacting to acts of evil. We allow, not 100,000 to die in Syria, but 400,000 to die in Rwanda and then get upset. Latest figures indicate at least FOUR MILLION HAVE DIED IN THE CONGO AND NO DECLARATION OF ANGER!

As Bashar al-Assad reigns bombs down on his people, the Egyptian army is reigning bombs down on its people. Bommbs are blasting away at alleged al-Qaeda terrorists in the Sinai desert. Israel is happy, the US is happy and lots of people are not happy. Alas, in the modern world one needs a score card to figure out who, today, are the home team and who are the visiting evil ones.