Egyptian Democracy-Not In Action

Once upon a time in Egypt it was ruled by English colonists who imposed strict laws against protesting against their rule. Time went on and an Egyptian military group assumed leadership of the nation,and after checking with law books realized its regime could ban protests. Of course, they argued that the old bad guys were gone and there were now good guys in charge so why would anyone seek to protest. It simply makes no sense to protest against good rulers. Of course, then came along President Mohammed Morsi who decided that since his Muslim Brotherhood could not protest, and since the MB good guys were in power and were good guys so why should anyone protest?

Today, the old bad guys of the military are back in power so what else could they do but pass a new law stating that protests would require seven different permissions, and anyway, it was no longer possible to protest in places such as Tahrir Square so why bother to get the seven permissions. Oh, for the good old days of British colonialism!