Egyptian Dissident’s Jail Sentence Over-Turned

Saad Eddin Ibrahim, an Egyptian-American has been fighting to create a democratic Egypt and in the pursuit of his dream has criticized the rule of President Hosni Mubarak. A Judge over-turned the conviction of the dissident and said the two year sentence was incorrect. Ibrahim was among the first Egyptians to publicly denounce Mubarak for stifling democracy and seeking to impose his on on the nation following his own retirement. Judge Asahraf Sheta said there was no evidence that Ibrahim had damaged the reputation of Egypt by advocating democracy in his nation. He had urged in a column in the Washington Post in 2007 that America should withhold its annual $2 billion in aid until Mubarak agreed to allow democracy in his country.

Even George Bush was upset at the conviction and urged Mubarak to void this decision, but it required a courageous judge to stand up to the Egyptian government and publicly state that Egyptians have the right to speak in negative terms about their political leaders.