Egyptian Dream Becomes Nightmare

It seems like only yesterday when we were all excited about something then known as “the Arab Spring.” In Middle East nations from Tunisia to Turkey millions of Muslims and Christians rallied for the right to enjoy basic human rights. Egypt’s long term dictator, Hosni Mubarak, was sen to a hospital suffering from a bad case of nerves since the streets of Cairo were filled with people demanding that he leave the scene of power. Libya witnessed the end of Gaddafi and there were hopes Bashir Assad might either actually allow a free election or he might return to the practice of medicine. Alas, that was then, today is now. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan each day asserts his right to decide who can speak. Libya is in chaos. We all know the horror of Syria.

Egypt DID have an election. Of course, they DID have an election two years ago, and due to lack of organization, Mr. Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood barely got elected. It only took about five months before the Muslim Brotherhood proved to the people of Egypt it had no understanding of brotherhood for those who opposed them. Morsi is now in jail along with a few thousand MB followers. At least a thousand are dead.

An Egyptian court yesterday sentenced Alaa Abdel Fattah, a young man who fought to end the dictatorship of Mubarak and Morsi, to jail. His crime? He protested against the current rule of Egypt’s Army. He will spend 15 years in jail for exercising the right of freedom of speech.

The dream, ah, the dream….