Egyptian Fruit Of Oppression Is Bitter

Dictators possess a complete faith in their capacity to keep the masses quiet. Usually, it is through the use of force, prison, torture and control of the media to prevent the nation from knowing what is going on. Hosni Mubarak has ruled Egypt for three decades during which time he has not only stifled the media, but has thwarted efforts to create a vibrant economy providing jobs for youth. At some point, the combination of brutality and lack of economic opportunities was going to result in a massive explosion of anger. To make matters worse, he refused to allow anyone in his own party to emerge as a possible successor since he was grooming his son, Gamal, to fit that role. Tunisia was the spark that lit the flame of anger, and now Egypt is in chaos as thousands are in the streets yelling for change. Mobs of Muslim militants attacked prisons and turned loose hundreds of prisoners. A combination of poverty, corruption and denial of basic human rights has led to the current state of anger and growing violence.

Mubarak still does not grasp sending more troops, more tanks, flying jets overhead will not halt the drive toward democracy. If he had any intelligence, Mr. Mubarak would head for the nearest airport and grab a plane headed to Saudi Arabia.