Egyptian Grand Sheikh Bans Niqab In Schools

The chador, niqab controversy over whether or not Muslim women can wear these garments in school took on an unusual aspect when the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar, Mohamed Sayed Tantawy, decided to ban wearing of the niqab in all Al-Azhar schools.he expressed dismay at seeing so many secondary female students wearing the niqab inside classrooms. The Sheikh told a local news channel, “the niqab is not obligatory and there is no need for those young girls to wear it inside the classroom.” He also expressed concern that teachers allowed girls to wear it in their classrooms.

Sheikh Mohamed Tantawy said it was clear “Muslim women are allowed to show their faces and hands” and said he was concerned wearing the niqab created a security issue since teachers could not tell who was in their classroom. The conservative Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement declaring anger at the Sheikh’s decision.

Ah, the ongoing saga of who wears what and when it wears what.