Egyptian Hypocrisy Over Sudan

Gamal Nkruma, writing in Al-Ahram, blasted the International Criminal Court warrant for the arrest of Sudan President Al-Bashir and claimed it was a typical western double standard approach that focuses on Muslims and ignores other issues of genocide. He argues removing Bahir will somehow lead to “chaos” and result in a civil war that would send millions across the border into Egypt. “Why is the Sanese president indicted for war crimes when the Israeli leaders are not l brought to book for the atrocities committed in Gaza? Why is the Sudanese president signaled out for retribution?” He admits that Sudan has “committed mistakes and human rights violations,” but his nation can not stand by and “watch our brethren in Sudan suffer such indignities at the hands of the ICC.” In a nutshell, his argument is the indictment is another example of the West intervening in the affairs of a Muslim nation.

The murder of 300,000 people and the rape of thousands of women in Darfur is not exactly in the same league at the Israel invasion of Gaza. These actions are not merely “mistakes” and human rights violations, they are deliberate acts to kill and rape. There is no such evidence the Israel government has any such plans. The invasion of Gaza was wrong, it was an over-reaction to provocation from Hamas rockets, but it was not part of a plan to completely wipe out the people living in Darfur.

I find it interesting the Egyptian writer mentions Israel war crimes but ignores the FIVE MILLION KILLED IN CONGO or the 60,000 killed in Uganda. The essence of a war crime is that it was committed in a deliberate manner according to a plan of death for large numbers of people and there were no grounds of provocation by the victims. Sudan fits that description. Why don’t Arab nations ever cite the mass murder in the Congo or Uganda? Just wondering.