Egyptian Journalists Fight For Freedom Of Press

Egypt is a major player in the struggle to achieve peace in the Middle East, but, unfortunately it is led by President Mubarak who has absolutely no understanding of how a democratic society should function. Makram Mohamed Ahmed, head of the Egyptian Journalists’ Syndicate appealed to the Prosecutor General to stop implementation of a prison sentence against the journalist ibrahim Eissa. The editor-in-chef of Al-Dostour lost his appeal to halt the prison sentence which is based on his “heinous crime” of writing an article which suggested that President Mubarak was in ill health! The Court agreed with the prosecutor’s claim such stories had a detrimental impact on the nation’s economy.

A major failure of the Mubarak government is creating conditions for a free press since such voices are critical to ensure the current corruption and inefficiency is brought to light. Mubarak does not understand that journalists such as Eissa are the ones who can assist in working toward a situation in which Egyptian society can be reformed so that those at the bottom of society have their needs addressed. It is sad that the voice of free expression is silenced over a silly topic such as saying the head of government might be in ill health.