Egyptian Justice Ain’t Justice

The nation of Egypt does enjoy the presence of a system of justice and courts and trials. This is true. The nation of Egypt is currently controlled by the military which seeks to make known that when a military leader makes a statement, then any contradiction of that comment constitutes a blatant example of terrorism. Last month, on the second day of trial, 529 men were sentenced to death on grounds they were terrorists who had rebelled against the government by engaging in demonstrations that disturbed the public order. Yesterday, 13 additional members of the Muslim Brotherhood who had supported the regime of former President Morsi were sentenced to jail from anything to five years to 88 years. Their crimes –as described in the TWO DAY TRIAL were: “rioting, sabotage and public order offenses.”

I was reflecting on demonstrators during the anti-Vietnam war period of the sixties. Thousands of Americans rioted, sabotaged and committed public order offenses. I guess if we had the Egyptian court system they just about would be ready to get out of jail in 2014.