Egyptian Justice

There is no question under the administration of former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi the rights of people were continually violated and violence was allowed to proceed against Coptic Christians. The evidence is clear that Morsi was an incompetent leader who simply allowed members of his Muslim Brotherhood to engage in violence against their opponents. Morsi was overthrown by the Egyptian military in a process that witnessed disregard for the rights of Muslim Brotherhood members. Violence broke out as followers of the MB went to the streets and, in many cases, resorted to guns in order to make clear their displeasure for the overthrow of Morsi. In one horrid example over 900 MB members were killed in gun exchanges between the armed forces and Morsi supporters. Some police died in this scene of violence.

A “trial” is now taking place in south Egypt. A judge is deciding whether over 500 men are to be sent to jail for participating in the pro-Morsi riots. The “trial” lasted two court sessions. An accused man described the trial: “the trial lasted two sessions each about five minutes.” No lawyer spoke for a defendant, actually, no prosecutor even spoke. The judge made his decisions. Of the 520 accused, he acquitted 16 and condemned the rest to be executed.

Just another day of Egyptian justice under the rule of the armed forces.