Egyptian Parliament Rejects Contacts With Israel

Forty years ago, the Israel government offered peace terms to Arab nations which were rejected even though what was offered then is now desired by the same Arab nations. The history of diplomacy in the Middle East is one example after another of failed opportunities on the part of Israel and Arab countries. Reuven Rivlin, speaker of the Israel Knesset invited Fathi Sorour, speaker of the Egyptian parliament to visit and discuss foreign policy issues, but the invitation was rejected. “As you know, the Egyptian parliament is against normalising relations with Israel and always takes the initiative in condemning its crimes against the Palestinians.” Yes, Israel committed a criminal action in its invasion of Gaza, but the only path to peace is talking and negotiating, not denying. Sorour’s denunciation of Israel policy toward Palestinians will win points in the Arab world, but how will it lead to peace with Israel?

Mustafa El-Feki, chairman of the People’s Assembly Foreign Relations Committee told Al-Ahram with pride about the recent verdict of the Administrative Justice Court which stripped Egyptians married to Israeli women of their nationality “as an example of rejection of any form of normalisation on a popular level.” This example only depicts the ignorance and anger of Egyptians, it does not reveal a sense of humanity toward its own citizens who are in love.