Egyptian People Vote-At Least Some Do!

An election was held in the land of Egypt. The people of Egypt have had “elections” over the past half century after never having them during the prior four thousand years. During the history of this land there usually was some Pharaoh or king or strong guy or gal who ran the place and decided how government was to be conducted. About sixty years ago, the Egyptian military took over and for most of the time a general or colonel run the land, and made clear to Islamic clerics they obeyed orders and did not give them. Last year in a vote by 33% of the people of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi was barely elected president. An intelligent person would assume that barely getting just 50% of the vote by 31% of the people suggests that you should reach out to opponents and form a coalition government. Alas, that logic was beyond the mental capacity of Mr. Morsi. He attempted to impose an Islamic government and ran into a stone wall of opposition from most Egyptians and the Egyptian army.

The army now rules and this time 38% of the people voted for a new Constitution that restricts religious control of society, provides greater rights for women and the disabled, and suggests the need for greater political harmony. The vote represents a sense that people want an end to Islamic rule, but it does not prove they want a return to Army rule. Until at least 505 of the people vote for something, there is no clear idea as to what Egyptians want or do not want.