Egyptian Police Brutalize Protest Groups

President Obama used Cairo as his setting for a speech to Muslims throughout the world in which he discussed peace and freedom. He apparently did not grasp the irony of making speeches concerning freedom in the capitol of a nation that lacks free elections or the right to protest against its semi-dictator, President Mubarak. After the death of 28 year-old Khaled Said, groups of concerned Egyptian citizens gathered to express their anger only to be met with violence from security forces who beat them up, handcuffed them and dragged them through the streets. Human rights groups have eye-witness accounts of Mr. Khaled being dragged into a building where his head was banged on tables and other hard surfaces until he was dead. Police reports claim he was a known drug addict who swallowed a joint and then choked on it until dead. An interesting story, but hardly believable.

Oh, Egyptian security forces, there is a video on the Internet which shows the body of Mr. Khaled, the bruised face and signs of beating on his body. Perhaps, authorities can explain how swallowing a joint results in a disfigured face??