Egyptian Police Finally Deal With Sexual Harassment

It has become quite common in Cairo for women to be groped and harassed when they venture into certain areas of the city. During the recent Eid holiday, about 150 young men went on a rampage attacking female pedestrians and even tearing off the clothes of some women. Witnesses said attackers ripped off headscarves as they tried to grope bodies. Police were finally called in to halt the assaults and they arrested 38 men although the rest fled the scene. It was reported that 30 of those arrested were released for “lack of evidence.” Police are still searching for women who fled the scene.

In October, 2006, during the same holiday that follows the holy month of Ramadan, mobs of young men attacked female bystanders and ripped off clothes. No one believed the stories of the females until evidence appeared on the evidence that they had been attacked.

Although the previous year, young men had attacked women in public, the police did not think it wise to station police in the area? Wonder why?