Egyptian President Mubarak Offers Mediation To Israel-Syria

Egypt’s President Mubarak told visiting Israel Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak of his willingness to assume the role of mediator in the dispute between Israel and Syria over the Golan Heights according to a report from the United Arab Emirates’ newspaper, Al-Bayan. Under the proposed Mubarak plan, Israel forces would withdraw from the Golan Heights over a 10-15 year period and when they have departed a force comprising soldiers from Russia, the US and Egypt would assume the role of ensuring there was no violence. Earlier this week, Prime Minister Olmert told visiting US Senator Arnold Spector who was headed to Damascus of his own desire to begin negotiating with Syria over outstanding disputes.

The Mubarak offer is fair and can be implemented without any difficulties. It also guarantees Israel security from any future outbreak of violence. This writer would prefer that American forces not be involved in any Middle Eastern compromise and they be replaced by soldiers from Turkey which has excellent relations with Israel. There is no need at this point in time to get American soldiers involved in any Middle Eastern problem.