Egyptian Scorecard!

In an endeavor to explain politics in the country ofEgypt we offer a score card that explains who is who and what is what–at least as of today. What happens tomorrow is beyond our command.

1. Field Marshal Tantawi heads the Egyptian high command which, essentially, is running the nation.

2. Tantawi insists that all political parties agree on a 100 member group which will have responsibility for writing a new Constitution.

3.  The Muslim Brotherhood, which controls Parliament, wants to stack this group with its members.

4. Secular and liberal groups refuse to be part of a sham run by the Muslim Brotherhood and will not cooperate with an MB dominated group.

5. The MB and secular groups are furious at the life sentence given to Mubarak.

6.  Tantawi says get a group together or else.

7.  Secular folk don’t want the MB candidate for president to win.

8. Secular and liberal groups don’t want the military backed candidate to win.


Is it all clear?