Egyptian Statesman Blasts US Mideast Foreign Policy

Former UN nuclear lchief, Mohamed ElBaradei sharply criticized American foreign policy in the Middle East because it posed the wrong question to people by assuming the choice was only between Osama bin Laden or an existing authoritarian regime such as what presently is found in Egypt. “The assumption that the only alternative to authoritarian regimes is Osama bin Laden and company is a fake one, yet continuation of current policies will make that prophecy come true.” He argues that Arab people are dissatisfied by governments in which corruption is the only sign of growth while dealing with needs for jobs and social security are ignored. “Western policy toward this part of the world has been a total failure, in my view. It has not been based on dialogue, understanding, supporting civil society and empowering people, but rather it has been based on supporting authoritarian systems as long as the oil keeps flowing.