Egyptian Women Groped By Men

I recall last year how so many felt the excitement caused by Egyptians flocking into the streets of Tahrir Square in order to protest against the corrupt government of Hosni Mubarark. It was wonderful seeing thousands of men and women shouting for freedom. But, something happened along the road to democracy, it got highjacked by Muslim fanatics who simply wanted to replace one dictatorship with their own dictatorship. It was Muslim fanatics who wanted to end oppression  of Egyptians in order to foster oppression of female Egyptians.

Since March, 2011, there has been a significant increase in women being sexually assaulted as they participate in anti-government demonstrations. According to Mozn Hassen the military and police have gone wild groping women and even assaulting them since the sight of a female desiring freedom  shocks their conservative sensibilities. No male these days will ever be prosecuted for having a good feel. Why is it that all too often Muslim males want freedom for themselves but not for their wives, sisters or wives?