Egyptians Denounce Gaza Slaughter

More than 50,000 Egyptians gathered after Friday prayers in order to voice their anger at the refusal of their government to assist the people of Gaza. The demonstration was organized by the Muslim Brotherhood, and undoubtedly it allowed this militant group to gain new adherents to its cause by becoming the focal point for protest against the madness of Gaza. At first, police tried to break up the demonstration but finally realized there were simply too many people. The government of Israel still does not realize by killing civilians and children it is assisting every militant group in the Middle East to gain support from thousands of individuals who may not necessarily support radical beliefs, but are shocked at what is transpiring in Gaza.

Hamas sent a delegation to meet with the Egyptian government and made clear they were not going to support a cease fire unless they are actively involved in designing such a statement. Hamas desperately wants the Israel bombing to continue because every time a child dies, Hamas gets new recruits. The brutality of the Israel invasion meets the goals of Hamas.

Many Israelis who now support the invasion of Gaza forget that in the 1980s, Israel security forces encouraged the creation of Hamas as a way to get back at Arafat whom they viewed as the major enemy of their nation. Which new radical group is being born today which ten years from now will make Israel security regard Hamas as a more pliable group for discussions?