Egyptians Want God, Not Jobs

There are people in this world who believe that God is on their side and spends his time worrying about their lives rather than wandering the universe seeking to prevent it from blowing itself up. In a recent poll, 60% of Egyptians wanted their nation to emulate the world of Saudi Arabia rather than that of Turkey. Saudi Arabia is a society controlled by a few thousand very wealthy people while Turkey has a vibrant economy and millions are moving into an economic status worthy of a modern society. Most Egyptians want religion in government as is so prevalent in Saudi Arabia rather than the Turkish model which respects religion but does not allow it to dominate government.

Yes, Egyptians actually believe Sharia law will result in a more prosperous nation. Of course, 10% of Egyptians are Coptic Christians, but, what the heck, they also should follow the Muslim religion if they want to be saved. Egypt contains millions of young people who cannot find jobs that match educational levels. However, if fellow Egptians have their way, no job,  but plenty of time in a mosque will lead to happiness.