Egypt’s Youth Hope For Future!

Human rights activist, Nawal Al-Saadawi, who has spent years in jail for her opposition to undemocratic acts by the Egyptian government, told the media the best hope for her nation lies with its youth. She did not believe changes desired by the Muslim Brotherhood or by the former UN diplomat, Mohammed ElBaradei, would be factors in bringing democracy to the people of Egypt. Although, she admires ElBaradei and his work, she does not believe he will be able to win over the people of her country, because they “can never follow someone who is coming from abroad, who lived his whole life abroad” and thus lacks direct contact with the nation’s problems. She accused the Mubarak government of creating an “intellectual paralysis” by failing to create a vibrant education system and the result is “the State has locked Egyptians in a prison of ignorance.”

She looks for educated youth to become active in politics and assume leadership of changes that are long overdue in freeing its economic system and development modern higher education institutions. She believes they must organize because, “if those thousands were organized, they can change this country.”