Ehud Barak–Israel Must Act–Now!

Once upon a time in the distant past the nation of Israel was admired for its commitment to peace and willingness to


with Arab countries. Ah, those were the good old days when Arab terrorists were the pariahs of the world. However, under the administration of Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu, and his gang of seven religious fanatics Israel has become among the most isolated places on this planet. Defense Minister Ehud Barak urged the prime minister and the Cabinet to get off their butts and begin considering how Israeli’s actions are viewed in the world outside. He is particularly concerned how the Obama administration regards Netanyahu’s refusal to compromise on anything, particularly since there is evidence American generals interpret Israeli obstinacy as a block to regional peace. According to Barak: “there is no way to rehabilitate ties with the administration without pushing an assertive political program that will address the core issues of a final settlement with the Palestinians.” If there is no change, ‘Israel’s isolation will only intensify”

Step one for Israel is to focus on the impact of their actions, not only on Palestinians, but on how they are viewed in the world. Responding to criticism that “anti-semitism” is the reason why nations oppose Israel actions has become boring and only reinforces Israeli isolation by allowing its people to retreat into Victimhood land.