Ehud Barak: Support US Peace Efforts!

Israel Defense Minister, among the few in the Cabinet who has a sense of reality, emphasized the importance of his nation doing everything in its power to work in a cooperative way with President Obama. He noted American representatives have been working with both Arab and Israelis and “they will present their plan for a regional peace. I believe that Israel must join in on the up-swing.” Of course, Israel must confront certain realities such as demands by Syria for a pull-back to 1967 lines and from Palestinian leaders that 1967 borders must be respected.

The bottom line is Israel must choose from focusing on the present and immediate past or working toward an enduring peace that results in Israel becoming an integral part of the Middle East with full diplomatic and economic equality with all other nations. Yes, Arabs have refused in the past to recognize Israel, but the Arab League has already agreed to grant that recognition in exchange for peace based on 1967 lines.

The people in Ireland worked over a half century in order to secure peace and each side could trot out its anger at lies told by the opposition. But, in the end, rational thinking prevailed and peace was achieved.