El Chapo In Prison -Just For Now

The government of Mexico and American police authorities have captured the infamous drug lord, El Chapo. The drug lord is IN JAIL. Do you hear people jumping for joy that the bad guy who has ruined the lives of millions is now in jail. Of course, once before they put El Chapo in a prison and he drove out in a car with the aid of his friends. El Chapo and his men purchase cocaine for about $2,000 in South America and sell the product for about $100,000 in Chicago or New York. Reporters talking with many Mexican farmers discovered they were very upset that THE MAN was no longer free to pursue his drug activities. It turns out that marijuana farmers are terrified the police will burn down their fields and end their ability to make a living. Hundreds of women in Mexican cities are protesting the arrest of a man who claimed to be one of the people and undoubtedly gave money to various charities–of course, the number one charity in his life was –HIMSELF!

Remember how we were promised that if we captured Osama bin Laden then peace would return to the world? Ok, we now have El Chapo locked up in jail. BUT

1. The organization is still functioning.

2. Farmers grow crops and those crops wind up in America because AMERICANS WANT TO PURCHASE DRUGS!

The only solution is to legalize ALL DRUGS!