Elect Obama-Take Back America

The election of Barack Obama is necessary if America is to regain those moral values which have been part of this nation for over two hundred years. Bush has done more than lie to the American people and involve the nation in the wrong war at the wrong time against the wrong enemy, his actions have sullied the very fabric of our society. Abu Graib and Guantanamo prison symbolize the essence of what has gone wrong in American society. This nation has allowed its leaders to violate every principle inherent in the Bill of Rights by detaining human beings without filing charges or allowing individuals of a fair trial.

I was born in 1930 at a time when black skinned men and women could not even share a water fountain with those whose skin was white. Negroes(that was the term liberal people used) were denied the ballot, let alone the right to run for public office in the South. The election of Barack Obama sends a message not just to Americans, but to all parts of the world that our society has accepted the principle that all men and women have the right to be part of America as equals in every aspects of our daily lives. It is a message that will allow a young Muslim boy or girl in America to recognize that one day someone of their faith will be president.

The election of Obama is also a message to young people in America who have become quiet over the past few decades and have focused on narcissistic needs rather than public ones. Obama’s promise to provide free college education for those who will devote two years to public service will awaken a new commitment to dealing with societal issues that have long been ignored. For the first time since the eloquence of John F. Kennedy’s call to “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” young people are being challenged to assume leadership roles in dealing with societal problems.

Elect Barack Obama and return this nation to its moral center. Let America once again be a beacon to the world.

  • Anonymous

    the only way to take back america is to reduce the size of the federal government you and obama are so far off base

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    It was the lack of government that got us into this mess. Where have you been the past year?